Some may know her as the writer who goes by the pen name ‘Altruistic’, while others may recognize her as ‘thee red poet’. Philanthropy is her debut collection of poetry and prose with a number of white lined drawings drawn by young, dedicated, inspiring and upcoming artists. The 134 black paged book is filled with poetry that includes subjects that each and every reader can relate to,

 including love, healing, and even self-love. Readers also have the option to take down notes at the end of each chapter and write about how it made them feel, with a two-sided lined page. Altruistic’s debut book follows the life of a young soul who goes through love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness and everything in between. Follow the young soul in this journey that opens up a window of emotion through poetry and prose in the form of a story. Philanthropy is for the modern poetry lover and is relatable.

Meet The Artists

These young illustrators helped bring Philanthropy to life with their amazing artwork!


Female Artist

Hessaa Al Moubrrad

Female Artist

Yara Al Yousef

Female Artist

AbdArraouf AlAmri (oofa)

Male Artist


Female Illustrator and Cover Artist


female artist

Reema Almouh

female artist

Philanthropy is available on any website that sells books, and for every device you can read on.